flimmakersFulbright Conferences:
Narratives of Free Trade 2009 - From South China to North America 2010 - Tale of Ten Cities 2011 - Asian American Graphic Narratives 2012 -
New Perspectives on Transnational Chinese Culture and History 2013 - Chinese Filmmakers in the United States 2015 -
Imperial Benevolence: U.S. Foreign Policy in American Popular Culture Since 9/11. 2016

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Ackbar Abbas UC Irvine
King-Kok Cheung UCLA
Jason Coe The University of Hong Kong
Chris Fan UC Riverside
Staci Ford The University of Hong Kong
Tim Gruenewald The University of Hong Kong
Joseph Jeon Pomona College
Bing Jin University of International Business and Economics
Andrea Louie Michigan State University
Eleana Kim UC Irvine
Susette Min UC Davis
Kim Park Nelson Minnesota State University at Moorhead
erin Khuê Ninh UC Santa Barbara
Leilani Nishime University of Washington
Chris Patterson Hong Kong Baptist University
Valerie Soe San Francisco State University
Thuy Linh Tu New York University
Grace Wang The University of Hong Kong