Fulbright Conferences: Narratives of Free Trade 2009 - From South China to North America 2010 - Tale of Ten Cities 2011

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Tentative Schedule - 17 May - 18 May - 19 May
Venue: Council Chamber, Meng Wah Complex HKU

May 17

Opening Remarks

Dean Chan, Senior Lecturer in Digital Communication, School of Social Sciences, Media and Communication, University of Wollongong
“Transnationalising Diasporic Asian Graphic Narratives”

Break: 10:45-11:00

Stacilee Ford, Honorary Associate Professor, History, The University of Hong Kong
"On Ann Marie Fleming’s The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam"

Lunch: 11:45-1:00

Ralph Rodriquez, Associate Professor, American Civilization and Ethnic Studies, Brown University
"On Adrian Tomine’s Shortcomings (race, form, aesthetics)"

Break: 1:45-2:00

Stephanie Han, Doctoral Student, English, City University of Hong Kong
“Adrian Tomine's Shortcomings (2007): The Post Modern Asian American Aesthetic- the Gutter, Space and Silence”

May 18

Theresa Tensuan, Assistant Professor, English, Haverford College
“Yang’s Level Up: Visual Images of Anime and Early Video Games”

Break: 10:15-11:00

Lan Dong, Assistant Professor, English, University of Illinois Springfield
“Model Asian between Medical School and Nintendo: Gene Yang and Thien Pham’s Level Up”

Lunch: 11:45-1:00

Kuilan Liu, Associate Professor, English, Beijing Foreign Studies University
“When the Monkey King Transforms into Chin-Kee: Stereotypes in Gene Yang’s American Born Chinese”

Break: 1:45-2:00

Tim Gruenenwald, Acting Director of American Studies, The University of Hong Kong
"Between Graphic Narrative and Fan Activism: Gene Luen Yang and the Avatar: The Last Airbender Franchise"

Break: 2:45-3:00

Jeffrey Santa Ana, Assistant Professor, English, State University of New York Stony Brook
“Emotions as Landscapes: Remembering Chinese Immigrant History in the Picture Books of Shaun Tan.”

May 19

Monica Chiu, Visiting Fulbright Scholar, The University of Hong Kong
“Bold Silences: Illustrating Depression and Desire in Tamaki & Tamaki’s Skim”

Jaqueline Berndt, Professor, Graduate School for Manga Studies, Kyoto Seika University
“The Readership Divide: Graphic Novels by Japanese American Authors Seen from the Angle of Manga Culture in Japan”

Break: 10:30-10:45

Angela Moreno Acosta, Doctoral Student, Graduate School of Art, Kyoto Seika University
“The Ir/relevance of ‘Japaneseness’ in North American OEL Manga: On Japanese American Artists Deploying Manga Style”

Closing Remarks