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Dr. Jianping Ni
Shanghai Institute of American Studies

Title: Forthcoming

Dr. Ni is a Senior Associate and Research Director of Shanghai Institute of American Studies, where he directs efforts to investigate, and provide recommendations on the implications of US-China relations. Previously, he had worked as a research associate at Zhejiang Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies in Hangzhou, prior to his doctoral studies and postdoctoral research at Fudan University in Shanghai, after he served as a military analyst and a lecturer at the People's Liberation Army Military Academy for nearly two decades. He was also an Adjunct Professor at Zhejiang University and East China Normal University, where he taught courses on International Relations and on Mass Communication. Dr. Ni is a council member of the China's Association of Asia-Pacific Studies and of China's Association of American Studies. His research focuses on China-U.S. relations, U.S. cultural diplomacy and national image projection, in addition to security cooperation in East Asia. His publications over the years deal with China's foreign policy and cultural communication, and security cooperation in Northeast Asia as well. Dr. Ni was a visiting scholar to the George Washington University in 2000, and has visited many West European countries and Hong Kong SAR on many academic trips ever since.