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Dr. Vincent Wai-kit Ho
Assistant Professor from the History Department of the University of Macau

Paper Title:
An Observation on the American-related Historical Monuments in China during the Treaty Port Era.

Dr. Vincent Wai-kit Ho graduated from the Department of History at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and is presently teaching in the Department of History of the University of Macau. His current research explores the histories of Macau and Hong Kong, with a special focus on tourism, cultural geography, and the relationship of the two cities. His academic articles and translation work have appeared in the History and Culture of Macau; Chinese Cross Currents of the Macau Ricci Institute; and The Heritage Hong Kong: Newsletter of the Antiquities and Monument Office.

After Treaty of Nanjing was signed, Shanghai was opened to the Western World in 1842 . The Sino-American Treaty of Wanghia (中美望厦条约) signed in 1844 allowed further guaranteed the right of United States to visit and trade in Chinese cities. Many missionaries, merchants and government officials from difference nationals were all attracted to Shanghai as it was one of the best gateways to other part of the costal regions in China as well as the inner part of China along the Yangtze River...