List of Participants:

Peter Buck Professor, History of Science, Harvard University (Emeritus)
George Cautherley Honorary Doctor of Business Administration
Steven Conn Professor of History and Director of the Publich History Program at Ohio State University
Louise Edwards Professor of Modern China Studies, The Hong Kong University.
Staci Ford Honorary Associate Professor in the Department of History, The University of Hong Kong.
John Haddad Visiting Fulbright Scholar and Conference Planner, The University of Hong Kong
Vincent Ho Assistant Professor, History Department, University of Macau.
Sibing He Guest Professor, Center for the Study of Overseas Chinese Culture, Huaqiao University
Kendall Johnson Head of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Director of the American Studies Programme, The University of Hong Kong
Marjorie King Ph.D. Associate Professor, Center for International Studies, Shantou University, China
Selina Lai Doctoral Student in American Studies, The University of Hong Kong
Aili Li Associate Professor, History Department, Sun Yat-sen University, Guanghzhou
Qing Liu Assistant Professor, History Department, Sun Yat-sen University, Guanghzhou
Jianping Ni Shanghai Institute of American Studies
Robert Nield Independent Scholar and Author; President of The Royal Asiatic Society (Hong Kong Branch); General Editor of the "Echoes" Series, HK University Press.
Stefani Pfeiffer Ph.D. candidate, History Department, Rutgers University
Cole Roskam Assistant Professor of Architectural History and Theory, Department of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong
Eileen Scully Professor of History, Bennington College
John Wong Ph.D. Candidate in History, Harvard University; Fulbright Scholar, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Elsha Yiu Independent Scholar