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Ms Kenix Mok
Postgraduate Student, Sun Yat-sen University

Paper Title:
The Guangdong Government and the American Consular Service in the late Qing: A Case Study.

Kenix Mok enjoys studying the history and culture of Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta region. She will receive her Masters Degree from the Department of History in Sun Yat-sen University. She has published in the Journal of Sun Yat-sen University and, in 2010, she coauthored a book, Guangzhou and the World.

In 1879, Guangdong Provincial Government purchased a number of ordnance from the Armstrong Company with the aid of Charles P. Lincoln, the American Consul, who acted as a middle man in the transaction. Lincoln’s involvement in the purchase was considered an act in defiance of the American policy that prohibited their consuls from conducting business for private benefits. Examining this particular case, this article attempts to disclose the deficiency of the American consular policies in the late 19th century. It also illustrates how Liu Kunyi, the Guangdong-Guangxi Governor-General, might have played a dominant role in laying out the coastal defence strategies for Guangdong, and in what way the Shanhou ju and Jiqi ju provided financial support for building up provincial coastal defence...