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Leilei ZHANG, MPhil student (2021-2023)

Supervisors: Dr. Bárbara Fernández Melleda and Dr. Tim Gruenewald

Why HKU?

As a dynamic and comprehensive university, HKU embraces diverse cultures, which allows me to fully develop my interests in Brazilian Literature. With the strong academic atmosphere and guidance from excellent professors, I believe I can get a profound understanding of Latin American Studies.

MPhil Project

Images and Memory of Brazil in Memórias do Cárcere (1953) by Graciliano Ramos and Brazil, Land of the Future (1941) by Stefan Zweig

Short Abstract

By comparing images and memory of Brazil under Vargas dictatorship in the 1940s in two books, the research intends to reveal how Graciliano Ramos and Stefan Zweig’s identities (the victims and witnesses of two different dictatorships) affect their perceptions about Brazil in the 1940s.

Keywords: Brazilian literature, Dictatorship in Brazil (the 1930s-1940s), Memory Studies 

Short bio

Leilei obtained the degree of BA in Portuguese Studies at the Universidade de Macau, now she is a MPhil student in Latin American Studies. Her research interests are Brazilian Literature Studies and Memory Studies.

Awards, Publications and Others

2021-2022 Postgraduate Scholarship, University of Hong Kong
2020-2021 Choi Kai Yau Academic Prize, University of Macau
2019-2020 Sponsored Student-- exchange at University of Lisbon, Portugal
2018-2019 Jorge Alvares Foundation Scholarship


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