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11 Nov 2021 Focus on Latin America Seminar Series
28 Oct 2021 Australia and the Orchestration of the 1973 Coup in Chile
18 Aug 2021 Listening through the Unheard: A Reflection on 100 Years of U.S. Women’s Suffrage and its Connections with Asia
26 May 2021 Focus on Latin America series: Latin America in the aftermath of Covid-19: What is next?
17 May 2021 Seminar: Wynn Chamberlain’s Brand X and the Wasteland of American Television
26 Apr. 2021 Seminar: Deep Listening: The Uncanny Algorithmic Aesthetics of DeepDream and Early Computational Music Composition
1 Mar. 2021 Seminar: Pranks and Self-Censorship: Duchamp, Dada, and the 'Image Withheld’
25 Nov. 2020 Seminar: The Chilean Plebiscite Digested
28 Oct. 2020 Call for Papers: Contemporary Fictions of Migration and Exile: Writing Diaspora in the 21st Century
14 Oct. 2020 Presentation: Cultural Sino-Latin American Relations: Between Poetry and Diplomacy
21 Sep. 2020 Talk: Gender/Democracy/Diversity: Pepe the Frog and Cuteness Activism Amongst Sinophone Youth
12 Aug. 2020 Panel: How will Latin American countries cope with the global competition and cooperation between China and the United States?
14 Nov. 2019 [Cancellation] Lecture: Modern Brazilian theatre – a construction
17 Oct.2019 Keynote Lecture: Jews as Books and Books as Jews: On History, Memory, People and Objects
23 Sep. 2019 Memory at the Margins - Photo Exhibition Opening
7 May 2019 Talk: Neoliberalism and its Discontents: Three Decades of Chilean Women’s Poetry (1980-2010); 1980s Focus.
6 May 2019 Talk: ‘Era mejor cuando éramos ilegales – it was better when we were illegals’ Indigenous people, the State and ‘public interest’ indigenous radio stations in Colombia
30 Apr. 2019 ‘The Weapon of Words’: Language Training, the United States in the World, and the World in the United States, 1941-1970
29 Apr. 2019 Talk: Art and Uncivil Obedience: Radical Rule-Following as Creative Practice
13 Mar. 2019 SMLC Seminar: Troubling Memorials: Disgraced Monuments and Problematic Public Art in America
26 Nov. 2018 Seminar: English Poetry and the Legacies of Colonialism
15 Nov. 2018 Talk: The Changing Media Landscape in a Post-Truth World
14 Nov. 2018 SMLC Seminar: Reading the Campus Novel (from a Distance)
22 Oct. 2018 SMLC Seminar: The Lost Boys: Kidnapping and Slavery on America’s Reverse Underground Railroad
13 Sep. 2018 Screening and panel discussion of Killer of Sheep (1977)
19 Apr. 2018 Film Screening: Dolores
27 Mar. 2018 SMLC Seminar: Miao in China and Hmong in the US: History and Homelands
7 Feb-9 Apr 2018 Film series: Crossing Borders: The many faces of the struggle for a better life in the Iberian American world
12 Sep.2017 Seminar: The Sacred Fonts of the American Mission Press: Printing Mongolian in Canton between the Opium Wars
22-23 May 2017 Fulbright Conferences: Imagining Asia in the Era of Trump
6 Apr. 2017 Rising Above - African American History and Culture Lecture Series: “A Dam Against the Spring Tide of Memories”: Collecting/Collective Identity and the African American Past
5&11 Apr. 2017 Talk: The US and the New Middle East - American Studies Capstone by Fatima Qureshi
28 Mar.2017 Talk: From Medicine to Moonlight - how a short film and a scrappy, DIY film festival paved the way for an Academy Award sensation.
23 Mar. 2017 Rising Above - African American History and Culture Lecture Series: Afro-Asian crossings: Langston Hughes and WEB Du Bois in China
17 Mar. 2017 Rising Above - African American History and Culture Lecture Series: “Set Adrift: Lois Mailou Jones and the Fluidity of Blackness”
2 Mar. 2017 Film Screening and Q&A session with Creator Patrick Sammon: CODEBREAKER
23 Feb. 2017 Rising Above - African American History and Culture Lecture Series: “Damn that Jim Crow”: Blues Songs Confront American Apartheid
22 Feb. 2017 HKU Blues: A Harmonica Extravaganza
16 Feb. 2017 Rising Above - African American History and Culture Lecture Series: The Promise and Imperialism of Free Trade: China and the “Long Arm of Commerce” in Frederick Douglass’s Life and Times (1882)
9 Feb. 2017 Rising Above - African American History and Culture Lecture Series: Quantum Aesthetics: The Color of Light in Beauford Delaney’s “Untitled”
26 Jan. 2017 Rising Above - African American History and Culture Lecture Series: "No Man Can Be Prevented From Visiting His Wife": Henry Butler and Enslaved Manliness in Family and Intimacy
26 Jan - 6 Apr 2017 Rising Above African American History and Culture Lecture Series
25 Jan. 2017 SMLC Seminar: “The Slippery are Very Crafty”: The Politics of Translation in David Henry Hwang’s Chinglish
16 Jan. 2017 New course: AMER2055 From Slavery to the White House: African American History and Culture
9 Dec. 2016 -
26 Feb. 2017
Rising Above: The Kinsey African American Art & History Collection
24 Nov. 2016 Invitation to our Thanksgiving Party
14 Nov. 2016 Talk: Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist – Writing a Novel on Protest and Globalization. Introduction, reading, and discussion with author Sunil Yapa
9 Nov. 2016 SMLC Seminar: Anecdotes of the Sublime
8 Nov. 2016 Talk: Claiming Her Voice: Female Subjectivity and Representation in Early Asian American Independent Media
26 Sep. 2016 US Presidential Debate 2016 in Hong Kong
21-22 May 2016 Fulbright Conference: Imperial Benevolence: U.S. Foreign Policy in American Popular Culture Since 9/11
25 Apr. 2016 Talk: Approaches to women's or gender history: A Dialogue between Elaine Crane and Mary Beth Norton
21 Apr. 2016 Workshop and Film-screening: China in foreign eyes
13 Apr. 2016 Seminar: An Orgy of Cheerful Giving: American Humanitarian Aid to Disaster-stricken Japan
23 Mar. 2016 Seminar: Sexual Abuse of Black Men Under American Slavery
22 Mar.2016 Film Screening & Panel Discussion: Finding Samuel Lowe - From Harlem to China
17 Mar. 2016 Talk: Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Adam Johnson reads from his short story collection Fortune Smiles (2015)
2 Mar. 2016 Seminar: Empire, Rebellion, and the Politics of Surf Tourism
21-22 May 2016 Fulbright Conference: Imperial Benevolence: U.S. Foreign Policy in American Popular Culture Since 9/11
26-27 Apr. 2016 Conference: Propaganda, Persuasion, the Press and the American Revolution, 1763-1783
22 Jan. 2016 Seminar: Migration and the Great Divergence: The Euro-Atlantic world and East/South Asia, 1800-1930
3 Dec. 2015 Welcome reception and preview of our 2016 collaboration with The Bernard and Shirley Kinsey Foundation for Arts and Education
23 Nov. 2015 A Visual Poetry Reading and Talk: MothSutra (& matters of migration, love, and identity)
29 Oct. 2015 Electoral Dysfunction: Documentary Screening and Discussion With Filmmaker Bennett Singer
20 Oct. 2015 Poetry Reading: The Nanjing Massacre with Wing Tek Lum
8 Oct. 2015 Seminar: Reflections on the Historical Study of Asians in the United States
9 Sep. 2015 Book Launch and New Talk: From Mark Twain to Langston Hughes in China
1 Sep. 2015 The American Studies Programme is having an exciting new course on offer: The American City (AMER2015)
30-31 May. 2015 Fulbright Conferences: East Goes West - Chinese Filmmakers in the United States
8 Apr. 2015 Sacred Ground - Film Screening and Discussion
7 Feb. 2015 Film Screening & Panel Discussion - Finding Samuel Lowe
29 Jan. 2015 Guest lecture by Rick Carrier
10 Nov. 2014 Seminar: Sex and the Founding Fathers: The American Quest for a Relatable Past
16 Apr. 2014 Seminar: Holocaust Literature and the Taboo
15 Apr. 2014 Screening and Round Table Discussiont: Holocaust Impiety: Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds
1 & 8 Apr. 2014 Visual Feast Film Series (2001: Space Odyssey & Days of Heaven)
26 Mar. 2014 SMLC Seminar: Chinese American Women: Photography, Memoir and History
20 Mar. 2014 SMLC Seminar: Hailing the Subject: Visual and Narrative Progression in Nananan’s Blue
27 Nov. 2013 SMLC Seminar: Mark Twain in China
15-17 Nov. 2013 Transnational Currents of US-China Relations: The 10th Anniversary of the American Studies Network (USCET-ASN) in China
30 Oct. 2013 SMLC Seminer: Looking for a Modern Hercules: The Strongman Figure in American and Global Culture
28 Oct. 2013 Talk: U.S. Diplomacy in China and the Asia-Pacific
18 Oct. 2013 Lecture: Whales and Lucre: Internationalizing America in the Indo-Pacific, c. 1780-1820
9 Oct. 2013 SMLC Seminer: Tocqueville on religion in democracies: natural or supernatural?
1-3 Jun. 2013 Fulbright Conferences: New Perspectives on Transnational Chinese Culture and History
23 Apr. 2013 Talk: Selling American Popular Culture in China: Managing the Public Image of Disneyland Hong Kong
6 Mar. 2013 Seminar: Ventriloquism, or How to Make Gay Art in the American 1950s
6 Nov. 2012 American Pop Culture Illustrated by Michael Sloan
24 Oct. 2012 Seminar: Chop Suey as Imagined Authentic Chinese Food in America
9 Oct. 2012 Flash Fiction and Slam Poetry with Thaddeus Rutkowski
26 Sep. 2012 CNN U.S. Election Debate: Asia Matters
17-19 May 2012 Fulbright Conferences: Frame by Frame and Across the Gutters: Asian American Graphic Narratives


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