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23 April 2013

Selling American Popular Culture in China: Managing the Public Image of Disneyland Hong Kong

Mr. Bing-chung (BC) Lo
Vice President, Public Affairs

Time: 4:30 pm
Room: CPD-2.16, Centennial Campus.

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Nicholas Kralev has been given unprecedented access to the inner sanctum of American diplomacy in Washington and around the world over several years. He will talk about his recent book, America's Other Army, which is based on his visits to more than 50 embassies and interviews with 600 career diplomats, as well as Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright. For a decade, Mr. Kralev traveled with these U.S. secretaries of state to over 80 countries as a newspaper correspondent.

In this talk, Nicholas Kralev will focus on U.S. diplomacy in China and the Asia-Pacific and will examine the rise of people-to-people diplomacy. He will also discuss how the work of American diplomats affects the daily lives of millions of people around the world, and how U.S. diplomacy has changed since 9/11.

All are welcome. No registration is needed.

For enquiries, please contact Dr. Tim Gruenewald by email



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