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Thank you for considering postgraduate studies with us at The University of Hong Kong!

The American Studies Programme, with specialties ranging from Latin American Studies and Literature to Film and Virtual Reality to the History of Art and Museums, welcomes candidates interested in pursuing MPhil and PhD degrees. Before applying, prospective postgraduate students should contact faculty member(s) who might serve as their supervisor.

American Studies Staff and their research interests (topic list is non-exhaustive)

Dr Tim Gruenewald: U.S. film and television studies; memory and remembrance in the United States; cinematic virtual reality, U.S. cultural studies.

Dr Bárbara Fernández Melleda: Latin American Studies (cultural theory, visual arts, material culture); Literary Studies (poetry, narratives, self-referential writing); Dictatorship and post-dictatorship contexts (memory and postmemory); Latin American gender studies and activism; Latin American Boom. Indigenous literatures and cultures (Mapuche, Aymara, K’iche).

Dr Monica Lee Steinberg: Modern and Contemporary Art, Theory, and Politics; American Art; Art, Law, and Crime; Art and Humor; Art, Technology, and the Internet; Collecting and the Art Market; Art and Gender; Curatorial Studies and Exhibition Histories; Performance Art; Persona Studies; Image and Text.

For general information on postgraduate study at the University of Hong Kong, candidates should contact the Graduate School of the University of Hong Kong here. Students seeking to be admitted to the MPhil and PhD programmes need to apply via the Graduate School. Given that admission to the postgraduate programmes is highly selective and competitive, students are advised to carefully prepare a strong research proposal outlining their research topic, research question, methodology and sources to be used / examined. Please have a look at further guidance from the School of Modern Languages and Cultures on how to apply for postgraduate studies with us here.

Supervision will be arranged according to the area of expertise of the respective professoriate member of staff from the above list. Research students will take part in regular supervision meetings to discuss their research and the progress they make. It is possible to arrange for joint supervision with a scholar from a second Department or School should your project be interdisciplinary in content and/or scope.

Postgraduate Students:
Ms Anqi Li (PhD student)
Ms Cecilia Chen (PhD student)
Mr Henrique Gomes (PhD student)
Leilei ZHANG (MPhil student)
Ms Lilián GARCÍA (PhD student)

We look forward to receiving your research projects.

American Studies HKU