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Undergraduate BA Courses

The major and minor in American Studies provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of United States culture, considered in relation to the Americas and in the context of global languages, cultures, and creative industries represented in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures (SMLC). Students gain admittance to the programme by taking AMER1050. Foundations of American Studies, I: The origins of the nation (6 credits). Normally students should take this course in their first or second years, although they may take it at any time in order to complete the requirements for the major. There are three more courses required for a major (AMER2021, AMER2050, AMER3050). For a minor, there are only two more required courses (AMER2050, AMER3050). The remaining credits that are required to fulfill the total number of credits of a major or minor will be taken from electives offered (listed below) in the American Studies Programme and in collaborating departments across the Faculty of Arts. We offer deep and thought-provoking courses that explore the United States and Latin America in a comprehensive manner.

BA Syllabus (2021-2022)

Learning Outcomes
Students who have completed a BA programme in American Studies should be able to:

Independently pursue critical studies and intellectual inquiry in the subject of American and Latin American Studies as complementary disciplines within the humanities.
Research, analyse and think critically through the study of the United States and Latin America.
Engage independently with theorisations from the field of American and Latin American Studies to delve deep into different cultural productions and interpret them at a high level.
Address problems related to U.S. and Latin American culture, society, history, and politics critically and creatively.
Familiarise themselves with cross-cultural issues and topics, and appreciate the heterogeneity of the lives and cultures of the Americas.
Demonstrate a broad historical and cultural understanding of the American continent internally as well as in its relation to the world.
Develop a multicultural perspective and greater sensitivity to past and present cultural differences with a focus on U.S and Latin American relations.
Communicate their ideas clearly, effectively and critically engage in scholarly dialogue through written texts (essays and dissertation work) and oral activities.


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