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Dr Anna Marie Bautista


Anna Marie Bautista received her PhD in American Studies from the University of Hong Kong in 2021. At HKU, Dr Bautista is a Lecturer in the American Studies Programme and the Gender Studies Programme. Her teaching and research interests include film, television, and popular culture studies, with a particular emphasis on representations of gender. 

Research Interests

  • gender and feminism
  • media and popular culture
  • television studies

Selected Publications

  • ‘Quiet Desperation’: The ‘Retreat’ and Recuperation of the Housewife and Stay-At-Home Mother on Popular Television.’ Stay At Home Mothers: An International Perspective, edited by Elizabeth Reid-Boyd and Gayle Letherby, Demeter Press 2014, pp. 223-242.
  • ‘Desperation and Domesticity: Reconfiguring the ‘happy housewife’ in Desperate Housewives.’ Reading Desperate Housewives: Beyond The White Picket Fence, edited by Janet McCabe and Kim Akass, I.B. Tauris 2006, pp. 156-166.


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