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BA Course

Elective Course
AMER2029 Current perspectives on the U.S. 6 credits
Students in this course will be discussing current and past events as reported in newspapers, magazines, television, literature, films and on the internet. The course will focus on domestic issues facing Americans at home as well as on political, economic and cultural links between the United States and other nations. Pedagogy will be student-centered and require students to participate regularly in (and at times lead) discussions. Typical topics may include the analysis of the American political system and the presidency, the relationship between business and politics, the role of sports in American life, the fallout from September 11, the rise of rap and hip-hop, manufacturing media, regionalism, stand-up comedy and social satire, and the US university system. These and other issues will form the basis of the course taught, on occasion, with the help of representatives of various disciplines across the spectrum of the arts, humanities and social sciences.
Prerequisite: Nil
Assessment: 100% coursework
(Offered in 2021/2022, 2nd semester)


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