American Studies HKU School of Modern Languages and Cultures HKU

BA Courses

• Core courses
AMER1050 Foundations of American Studies, I: The origins of the nation 6 credits
AMER2021 On the road again: Field trip in American Studies 6 credits
AMER2050 Foundations of American Studies, II: Reconstructing the nation 6 credits
AMER3050 Foundations of American Studies, III: Capstone 6 credits
• Elective Courses
AMER2002 The road in American culture 6 credits
AMER2014 A dream in the heart: varieties of Asian American culture 6 credits
AMER2015 The American city 6 credits
AMER2022 What’s on TV? Television and American culture 6 credits
AMER2029 Current perspectives on the U.S. 6 credits
AMER2033 Asia on America's screen 6 credits
AMER2035 Addicted to war? The US at home and abroad 6 credits
AMER2037 Institutions in American life: home, education, work and play 6 credits
AMER2038 American film, from Golden-Age Hollywood to New Hollywood & beyond 6 credits
AMER2039 The art of crime and its detection in the United States 6 credits
AMER2040 Creating culture in the world: American creative industries in the age of globalization 6 credits
AMER2041 How the West was won: The frontier in American culture and literature 6 credits
AMER2042 Consuming culture: decoding American symbols 6 credits
AMER2043 Born in the USA: U.S. youth cultures 6 credits
AMER2044 Wall Street: Issues in American business 6 credits
AMER2045 Film beyond the mainstream: American art cinema 6 credits
AMER2047 Religion in America 6 credits
AMER2048 American literature 6 credits
AMER2049 Immigrant nation: The cultural legacy of immigration in the United States 6 credits
AMER2051 Extended essay in American Studies 6 credits
AMER2052 Studies in American culture and society 6 credits
AMER2053 History of US-China relations 6 credits
AMER2054 Business and culture in the 21st century: US/Greater China connections 6 credits
AMER2055 From Slavery to the White House: African American History and Culture 6 credits
AMER2056 American capitalism 6 credits
AMER2057 African American cinema 6 credits
AMER2058 Art and law in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries 6 credits
AMER2059 20th century American rock music in a global context 6 credits
AMER2060 US/Latin American cultural interactions 6 credits
AMER2061 Argentina and Chile dictatorships: Building resistance in literature and film 6 credits
AMER2062 Disability and human rights in American Studies 6 credits
AMER2063 American art and politics, 1945-today 6 credits
AMER2064 Art, time, and new media 6 credits
AMER2065 Radical artistic practice in the shadow of Hollywood 6 credits
AMER2066 Art and crime 6 credits
AMER2067 Making money: Art, culture, and economics 6 credits
AMER2068 Magical realism in Latin American literature and film 6 credits
AMER2069 Contemporary Latin American Theatre and Dramatists 6 credits
AMER2070 Connecting East Asia and the Americas: A Multimedia Odyssey 6 credits
AMER3007 Dissertation in American Studies 12 credits
AMER3008 American Studies internship 6 credits


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