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Elective Course
AMER2040 Creating culture in the world: American creative industries in the age of globalization 6 credits
American creative industries companies exist primarily as for profit businesses. This course critically examines the relationship between American media and cultural content and the business context of its production and distribution. The seminar will introduce students to the business structures and practices of major American media industries such as film, television, music, comics, theme parks, and video games. As the United States are the most dominant global producer of media and cultural content, the course will give particular attention to overseas distribution strategies both conventional and online. The course will then critically examine examples of contemporary media and cultural content in light of their commercial origins and global distribution and consumption such as Hollywood movies, HBO Original Series, Disney comics and theme parks, animated television series, popular music, or massively multiplayer online games. Students will research a case study of one American creative industries company in which they will follow one cultural product form its inception to production, distribution and consumption.
Prerequisite: AMER1050 or GCIN1001 or CLIT1008
Assessment: 100% coursework
(Offered in 2021/2022)


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