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BA Course

Capstone Experience Course
AMER3050 Foundations of American Studies, III: Capstone experience
6 credits
This course is the third of three foundation courses in American Studies (including AMER1050 and AMER2050). It required of all majors in the American Studies Programme and is designed to cap students’ university careers with a rigorous, interdisciplinary and theme-based program of study. The specific area of study may vary from year to year depending on students’ background, interests and the expertise of the instructor. Students will deepen their research and writing skills, conduct discussion sessions, participate in intensive group work, get involved in a mentoring program and continue to hone the critical thinking skills nurtured during their education in American Studies. The seminar will seek ways to prepare students to make the transition from the university setting to a variety of employment settings.
Prerequisite: AMER2050
Assessment: 100% coursework
(Offered in 2021/2022, 2nd semester)


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