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Elective Course
AMER2044 Wall Street: Issues in American business 6 credits
This course will draw on selected issues in American business in order to teach us about the essential characteristics of US society, including its character, values, as well as written (e.g. legal) and unwritten codes of behaviour. Every day, decisions are made on Wall Street which affect how business is conducted in America, Asia and everywhere else around the globe. How did one address become so influential in, and such an icon of, American business? This course seeks to examine the Wall Street phenomenon, as well as its culture, influence and impact on specific components of American business. Issues under discussion may involve the nature of American business, its place in the national life (“the business of America is business,” affirmed President Coolidge), its code of ethics and failures to live by that code. Case studies will be drawn from the famous and infamous examples of American entrepreneurial spirit as they made headlines up to, and including, the 21st century. Furthermore, issues such as the rise of the Internet and the information age will be examined to explore the reverse—how they shape Wall Street and the way business is conducted in America.
Prerequisite: Nil
Assessment: 100% coursework.
(Not on offered in 2021/2022)


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